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Microporous filter use and application

Microporous filter use and application

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Microporous filter use and application

Microporous filter works by sewage from the entrance , the first filtered through coarse filter larger particles of impurities, and then reaches the fine screen . In the filtering process , the gradual accumulation of fine filter water, dirt , impurities, to form impurity layer filtration , impurities and fine filter layer is deposited on the inside , so the fine filter inner and outer sides to form a pressure . When the filter differential pressure reaches the preset value filter , automatic cleaning process will begin , during which continuous flow of clean water supply , cleaning valve opens , cleaning room and smoke pollution within the pressure dropped substantially, through the cartridge and smoke pollution differential pressure pipe , and cleaning the dirt chamber generating a suction by the suction nozzle to form a sewage suction process . Meanwhile , the filter electric motor driven sewage suction tube axially do spiral motion .

Microporous filter we all know, now that the product is to use:

1, the first thing to check before starting the pressure pump is clockwise , check whether connections are tight , the valve is closed .

2 , before the first boot slowly open the inlet valve , through the exhaust , then open the valve for normal filtering.

3 , thoroughly clean microporous filter and filter connecting parts , properly installed filters and housings.

4, such as filtration pressure difference is greater than 0.1Mpa or flow significantly decreased , indicating that the majority of pore size filter bag filter has been blocked , advises clients on the filter for cleaning or replacement.

Microporous membrane filter with maximum resource utilization, minimum pollution emissions for the purpose of various petrochemical industry wastewater advanced treatment, treatment may discharge or reuse . While recovering useful substances, conservation of resources , for the petrochemical industry to provide cleaner production technologies . Compared with traditional methods has obvious advantages.

Microporous filter can be applied mainly in pure water security filtering and terminal filter , pharmaceutical sterilization, the electronics industry in addition to particles , air cleaning and sterilization , etc., can be used for chemical raw acid filter , paint filter , ink filter , bulk drugs filtration, injection filtration , wine and beverage filtration , water filtration , high-purity reagents filtration, air filtration , water filtration , pollution index testing, laboratory analysis and other practical filter can also be used for most of the pre-filter filtration , microfiltration a filter precision range , a wide range of filter characteristics of the application , the main principle is the mechanical separation techniques , depending on the chemical compatibility of the material to filter design to achieve the purification of material without causing unwanted effects of impurities .

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