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Introduction of bag filter

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Bag filter
1. Compact structure and reasonable size. The installation and operation are simple and convenient, and the floor space is small.
2. High filtration precision, suitable for any fine particles or suspended materials, the filtration range can be from 1 to 800 microns.
3. The processing flow per unit filtration area is large, the filtration resistance is small, and the filtration efficiency is high. A filter bag filter function is equivalent to 5 to 10 times of the same type of filter element, which can greatly reduce the cost; the design flow rate can meet the requirements of 1 to 500 m3 / h, and the cost is low.
4. Widely used, it can be used for coarse filtration, medium filtration or fine filtration; in the case of achieving the same filtration effect, compared with the fine frame filter, filter cartridge filter and other equipment, it has low investment cost, long service life and filtration. Low cost and other advantages.
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