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Multi-bag filter installation method introduced

Multi-bag filter installation method introduced

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Multi-bag filter installation method introduced

For multi- bag filter some of the performance in terms of maybe not much superior place, but can be used for a variety of bag is even more important to be able to be manifested its superiority with multiple filters , so that the work can be filtered more perfect for . Through the old product to make changes after the multi- bag filter will be more convenient to manipulate users .

And the use of the latest filtration systems can also be very good at driving traffic to reach hundreds of M3 per hour , and such a flow to be able to be more in the market have certain advantages. After continuous multi- bag filter for a more in-depth expansion will allow it to well accepted more than 20 different filter bags , filter bags such a diversity of performance can be a good choice to expand the multi-pocket the use of filters .
Multi-bag filter cartridge installation method . "

1 , on or off when you turn the valve slowly , do not suddenly open or close , to prevent the high temperature sterilization filter being sucked deflated .

2, the filter unit with a stainless steel plate fin good pressure , pressure plate without too tight , to prevent high-temperature sterilization filter variants .

3 , the O -rings moist and slowly insert the cartridge vertically , the first round must be fully inserted into the stainless steel tank .

4, to avoid direct hand contact with the filter.


Multi- bag filter is often used as electrodialysis , ion exchange , reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration device security filter. Its range of applications is as follows :

1 , nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), electrodialysis (EDI) systems such as security filters ;

2 , pharmaceutical injection, infusion , drops , herbs and other liquid filtration , biological agents, extraction, purification, concentration ;

3 , electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor industry with high water pre-filtration ;

4 , oil field injection water , boiler feed water, chemical reagents, liquid organic products , high purity chemicals, drugs and other thick filter ;

5 , purified drinking water , mineral water, fruit juice , tea drinks, health drinks filtration ;

Multi-bag filter is mainly characterized by the internal placement of two stainless steel cylinders for the composition of such a cylinder there is a fundamental difference , are used mainly for high-quality polished finish , then that is mounted on top of the machine to carry on the pressure gauge calculations , as well as the exhaust valve is installed so that the internal gas emissions will have a very good and clear .

Introduction of bag filter
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