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Bag filter is a new filter

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Bag filter is a new filter

Bag filter is a new filtration system, the filter basket support inside the bag by a metal , liquid from the inlet flow into , through and from the outlet flow bag filter , impurities are intercepted in the bag , the bag after replacement sustainable use . Through the bag , the pressure under the action of liquid through the bag , the bag down interception contaminants remain in the residue left in the bag inside the bag , the filtrate flow along the wall of the metal supporting basket , so as to achieve filtration target .

With the social development and improvement of living standards , people are more comfortable feeling of expectation waterside pavilions . Therefore , more and more landscape lake in our field of vision. The water in the landscape surrounding greenery due to stray metabolism will shed a lot of leaves, these pollutants through the wind and rain will gradually converge to landscape water . The water quality is unstable , or sometimes algal blooms , or sometimes smelly black water , destroying the beauty of landscape water . The introduction of bag filter low-energy green landscape water to find the best balance.

Bag filter Features : This machine is very easy to replace the filter bag , filter simply no material consumption . The machine has designed as a single filter, double filter, pump and ancillary assembled on mobile carts . Filter bag are made of stainless steel mesh cover , the remaining components partakers two kinds of carbon and stainless steel manufacturing , for filtering different media user choice.

Bag filter effective filtration area, high dust holding capacity , low resistance, bag filter ventilation volume ; bag filter frames and supporting frames can be reused, just replace the filter replacement filter bags, and convenient fast, greatly reducing operational costs. Widely used in electronics , pharmaceutical, medical, food industry, filtration systems , is currently the best in structural efficiency filters .

Bag filter can be combined for different raw water quality and water requirements. While pouring water bag filter for applications is not such a big requirement , due mainly used for agricultural irrigation water lakes references , or for the use of rainwater , so that the main body of water contains more leaves, worms debris or sand , etc., and there are no requirements for the purity of human drinking water so high , so this choice of filter can be some of the coarse filter bag filter . Bag filter putting prevention first , combining prevention approach, the sewage treatment adopted a series of preventive measures to ensure that the limited capacity of the water environment , and gradually reach the water environment functional goals , to make the water has been effectively improved . Bag filter for human drinking water filtration , to consider the accuracy of the density of the filter used , due to the large amount of harmful substances in water filtration precision must be so fine . So as to ensure the purity of the water filtered out .

Introduction of bag filter
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