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Zhejiang Medical Device Inspection Institute of Jiaxing City, the "go pro with Heart" campaign

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It is reported that Zhejiang Medical Device Inspection Institute in Ho Tao, under the leadership of president to Jiaxing City to carry out activities with hearts go pro , the city's few medical device companies were visited , to the enterprise made a number of recommendations for the rationalization of the enterprise questions were sincere answer.

The event was HE Tao president personally led , led the hospital the first part of the party branch members and technical staff. The event is the first company visited Jiaxing Ricky medical technology company, which is the last year the company registered a Sino-Swiss joint venture. The company's main products are dental implants , the company has not yet formally put into production , the company's production line is still in the commissioning and product registration standards development phase. Because the company is a Sino-Swiss joint venture company , so our system of laws and regulations related to the not particularly understand , the research group on that businesses are more concerned about the process of product registration , registration requirements , product performance and other key issues given the company detailed answers , but also how to improve the company 's registered proposes some reasonable suggestions paintings .

Research group also investigates Sujia Jiaxing, Zhejiang Medical Corporation, the research, the Food and Drug Administration attaches great importance to Jiaxing , the Bureau of Economic and Technological Development Zone Branch Secretary were accompanied also listened to the comments made by the enterprise . Sujia company's chairman is Ms. Yi Bao , product testing and reporting she encountered some problems and research group conducted in-depth discussion and exchange . And also to examine hospital some suggestions , hoping to shorten hospital inspection test cycle , the standard registration strengthen business training , the research group also for the enterprise 's technical staff conducted a patient 's questions and detailed answers.

Through this research, and corporate communication, the enterprise conducted in-depth understanding, He Tao, president of the enterprise issues raised and the recommendations are carried out to give honest answers, and also pledged to sort out the existing problems , resolved as soon as possible , and to strengthen and corporate communication , and try to provide enterprises with better service.

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