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Harbin, northeast want to build first-class medical device industry park

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It is reported that Harbin, Heilongjiang Province to prepare the medical device industry effort to build the park , which are ready to invest and develop the medical device industry companies and individuals is undoubtedly good news .

It is understood that in many industrial parks established medical device , such as medical equipment , Suzhou Industrial Park , Tianjin Medical Device Industry Park , etc., these industrial parks for China's medical equipment industry gathering development , industry layout adjustment and integration, improve the competitiveness of the industry have played an irreplaceable role . Development of the medical equipment industry park is also China's strong support from the policy level .

Harbin Pharmaceutical industry is focused on supporting and developing industries in the world , in the Eleventh Five-Year period , the state has approved Harbin identified biotechnology industry is a national high-tech industrial base. Currently, Harbin pharmaceutical industry in the brand , technology and markets are in a leading position. Harbin The project name is called " the city of Harbin Medical Devices Technology Innovation Industrial Park" , if the park is completed , will Hashi medical device industries wings .

It is a golden opportunity to develop the medical device industry in the country 's Twelfth Five-Year period, China with economic means to effectively guide our local Yixie industry development , in addition, the Ministry of Health also raised in the centralized procurement of medical equipment products will give priority consider the domestic medical device products, medical equipment technology industry at the national planning and Heilongjiang Province, twelve five industrial restructuring and upgrading plan also mentioned the need to vigorously develop the medical device industry , which gives Harbin medical device industry for the development of policy on protection.

Harbin city of science and technology innovation in the medical device industry park will be completed vigorously promote the integration of production , promote Yixie the field of key technologies, core components and major product development and innovation, improve the ability of medical science and technology innovation , scientific and technological achievements into ability of the high-tech carrying capacity , etc., will be built in the science and technology park development, manufacturing , product trade show in one of the northeastern region Yixie class industrial park .

The park covers an area of ??about 170,000 square meters , mainly the introduction of Type II and III Yixie production projects , at present, is investment in the park , looking forward to the rapid completion of the park .

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