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Polypropylene plate and frame filter press

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Polypropylene plate and frame filter press


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BASY □ / 400_N_UB

An Application

Suspensions for a variety of solid-liquid separation , wide application . Used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical , environmental protection, water treatment and other industries.


2 Working principle and structural characteristics

Suspension was pumped into the filter material of the filter unit of each sealed chamber , under pressure , the filtrate through the filter layer and the cloth , the cloth the liquid discharge port, the filter residue is left in the frame form a filter cake , so as to achieve solid-liquid separation.


3 Features

The machines are 1Crl8Ni 9Ti or 316L stainless steel materials , corrosion-resistant and durable.

Since this machine uses a threaded plate -like structure , according to the different production processes by filtrate ( initial filter , semi- fine filter , fine filter ) requires the replacement of different filter ( direct selection through the microporous membrane microfiltration membrane device that may sterile filtration can achieve the purpose ) . Users can also according to the size of the production flow , reduce or increase the filter box corresponding plate , so that the applicable production needs.

All parts of the machine have been installed with the sealing ring ( white silicone rubber seals, non-toxic and high temperature ) , no leakage, good sealing performance.

The unit is operating a pressurized sealed filtration, liquid material without loss. Liquid clarity is good , sterilization Ling ( optional medium speed and microporous membrane filter sterilization effect is a plus ) .

The machine can also be based on user needs , specially equipped with automatic return channel , the pump stops rotating , open the return valve ( both deflated function ) automatic return all deposited material is discharged .

High-viscosity liquid in the filter when the liquid can smooth, allows a variety of impurities automatic backflow discharge. Meanwhile recoil with water from the return channel filter for cleaning and to facilitate temporary .

The pump and the inlet pipe parts connected by a triple folding clasp , rugged sealed dismantle for easy cleaning .


4 Technical Parameters

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