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PVC filter filter

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PVC filter filter



PP / PVC precision cartridge filter is a high precision filtration devices. Mainly from the shell and filter components. Products are mainly used for pre-or post -processing ( based on cartridge filtration decision ) , widely used in the electronics industry , sewage treatment, feed, food , water treatment and other fields, can also be used as domestic water purifier .


Installation Method:

Unscrew the threaded pressure plate, open the top cover . Correctly installed in the filter of the filter count, and fixed with a clamp gland ;

The gauge and the exhaust valve mounted on the filter cover aside threaded hole ;

Cover lid , tighten the gland plate, without excessive force ;

Ensure the filter is placed on a horizontal surface , and with the pump and in alignment ;

Please align pump outlet filter inlet ;

In the pipeline before bonding , the provision of two joint installation out of the water in the filter threaded port ;

With PVC piping will connect the pump and filter . Place the unit 24 hours after the operation .


Run mode:

Before running the filter Make sure all valves are installed ;

Ensure the filter is placed vertically , the pump outlet and the inlet connection of the filter ;

Unscrew the filter cap on the drain valve ;

On the pump power so that the pump to run until all of the air filter is discharged , the water flow from the exhaust valve ;

Tighten the exhaust valve ;

Filter good debugging , you can run .

Note ; the emission of air when the filter to maintain an appropriate distance.


Cleaning and replacement :

Unscrew the discharge valve inside the air filter ;

Unscrew the pressure plate, open the top cover ;

Unscrew and remove the gland , and then remove the filter from the filter ;

Clean the filter surface and wrinkles part ;

The cleaned or new filter into the filter , ensure proper installation and sealing ;

Close the top cover , tighten the gland plate, but do not use excessive force ;

Filter cleaning and replacement of the time the original water quality decision.

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