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Polypropylene plate and frame filter press

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Polypropylene plate and frame filter press


Polypropylene frame filter / PP frame filter :

Main purpose:

Polypropylene frame filter / PP frame filter is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, water treatment , brewing , ink , oil, printing and dyeing, environmental protection and other industries, is all kinds of liquid filtration , clarification, purification treatment ideal device.



Polypropylene plate filter / PP polypropylene filter frame quality materials , corrosion-resistant , durable , particularly in the case of the more expensive stainless steel with polypropylene is significantly reduced cost. According to the different filter media and production process ( initial filter , de- activated , in addition to particles, semi-fine filter , fine filter ) with microporous membrane to achieve sterilization processing purposes , but also according to the size of the filtration capacity , reduce or increase the filtering layers , making it suitable for the production needs. Seal member is made from medical silicone rubber or fluorine rubber , no leakage, good sealing performance. Also based on user needs, special multi-stage filter, a coarse filter placed , two put smaller filter, saving time and equipment, but also improves the filtering accuracy . Frame filter coupled with microfiltration membrane filtration is resolved activated carbon particles is the ideal equipment .


Polypropylene frame filter / PP frame filter of Use:

1, prior to the injection of water disinfection.

2, will be soaked with distilled water filter attached to the network board , then pressed roof .

3, start the pump before the first fill fluid , and then close the inlet pump, and then start to gradually open the valve and open the air vent valve discharge machine .

4, always switch off the inlet valve , and then shut down , to prevent liquid reflux strike suddenly stop ring filter

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