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Polypropylene filter

Van filter using hydraulic pressure, mechanical locking effect hand holding pressure. In order to improve the sludge off the medical knowledge, to improve the substance of the cake.
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Van filter using hydraulic pressure, mechanical locking effect hand holding pressure . In order to improve the sludge off the medical knowledge, to improve the substance of the cake , increasing the permeability of goods , to be engaged on the chemical sludge blocking the machine using its own "water filter flocculation granulation mixer " device to arrive chemical dosing flocculation effect , the approach is not only good flocculation effect , but also save a lot of preparation, low running costs , cost very obvious. Operation and maintenance convenience , stability and reliable operation .

The same reason , also make frequent starter motor temperature is too high , accelerate the aging of the motor insulation , reduced life expectancy . Starting with Autotransformer feed pump , motor starting current is relatively large , frequently starting in this case is suitable for traditional approaches to auto- start autotransformer will rise beyond the promised smoke . After the filter cake full eradication , starting close up equipment to make full plates together and pressed , bringing an end operating cycle process .

Industrial filtration operation principle there are two ways , one is deep filter , apply a very small amount is removed from the liquid ( 0.1% ) of solid particles ; other is a cake filtration , suitable for treatment of solid matter content is relatively large suspension ( 1% volume leave above), can filter out more solids . Cassava alcohol waste mash filtration attributed cake filtration approach filter cake filtration filter is the most commonly used methods filtration equipment .

Active filter Active pull plate system is a complete sequence by the device itself, to manipulate , to complete the batch filter press plates for active and laid them out in the process of a complete discharge thing . In the batch type filter press for some time, the filter chamber filter press cake lot of storage , when the weight reaches drawing , filter press operation will no longer be filtered , the filter cake was the need , so that when we should be horizontal filter press plates laid out the cake .

Filter products are widely used in solid-liquid separation related industries. Including environmental technology , municipal sludge , water plant sludge dewatering , mineral mining industry , metallurgical industry, chemical industry, food industry, beverage industry , pharmaceutical .


First, the environmental technology industry is mainly used in:

Electronics, electroplating , leather ( tannery ) , pickling equipment, dust , flue gas desulfurization, foodstuff processing , automobile , iron and steel industry, textile industry , pulp and paper industry, glass industry , electrical industry and sewage purification.

Second, municipal sludge are used in:

Primary sludge , secondary sedimentation tank sludge , activated sludge, digested sludge .

Third, the water plant sludge dewatering is mainly used in :

Processing water is groundwater, rivers, lakes and reservoirs of water waterworks sludge generated during production .

Four , minerals, mining industry, mainly used in:

Earth , fuller's earth ( bentonite , bentonite ) , kaolin , ceramic , porcelain , cement , minerals , floating pulp washing , coal .

Five , mainly used in metallurgical industry :

Titanium, copper , lead, tin, nickel, zinc, silver , gold wet chemical equipment

Six , mainly used in the chemical industry :

Color pigments , acids ( phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, amino acid , silicic acid ) , titanium dioxide , stearic acid salts, silicates , alkali , solvents, fillers , calcium carbonate , glycerol.

Seven , mainly used in the food industry :

Beet sugar , sucrose , starch , rice flour, tapioca , tapioca , yeast, spices , vegetable oils and fats ( palm oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil , etc. ) , animal oils and fats ( fish oil, butter ) , seaweed ( agar ) , soy sauce , gelatin.

Eight , mainly used in the beverage industry :

Whiskey oil, rice oil , beer, wine

Nine , mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry :

Plasma , enzymes , amino acids , antibiotics, pharmaceutical intermediates, bulk drugs , medicine , etc.

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