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Microporous titanium rod filter

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Microporous titanium rod filter


Titanium rod filter :

Stainless steel titanium rod filter is to use liquid metal titanium powder sintered filter, generally used for coarse filtration or intermediate filtering. This filter has high accuracy, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength , widely used in filtering liquid and gas decarbonization can also replace the usual infusion line filter sand bar . The shell is made of SUS 316L equipment and SUS 304 stainless steel material , the inner and outer surface of class A mirror polished, the technical indicators are in line with Pharmacopoeia and GMP requirements.

This series has a compact structure , beautiful shape, pipe joint use of international standards ( fast-loading connection ) , removable for easy cleaning .


Key Features:

High filtration precision, can be particles larger than 0.2 micron disposable filter

The solution was filtered , adsorbents and catalysts without absorption loss problem, do not change the original composition of the working medium

Small footprint, filtration resistance , low power consumption , simple operation , low labor intensity

Corrosion, high temperature (temperature below 280 ℃ ) , anti-oxidation, for a variety of acid salts of various organic solvents and high precision filtering

High filtration efficiency, pressure filtration can be filtered, easy online high-temperature sterilization and regeneration, recycling liquid solid phase can be completed

Non-toxic , non-magnetic , non-shedding , no pollution, biological blending is good, widely used food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical , pharmaceutical and other industries filtration and separation , in line with GMP and FDA requirements

Airtight , compact , easy to damage , suitable for the production site to poor working conditions , no maintenance costs

Easy accessibility, filter structure scientific diversity, to meet a variety of filtration requirements , and PC networking to automate production

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