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Laminated precision filter

PatentNumber:ZL201120233883.2(Clicktoviewcertificate) Cascadingframefilter:Stainlesssteelplateandframefiltercascadingisthelatestdevelopmentofanewliquidfiltersstackedframe,producedbyourfactoryformanyye
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Patent Number : ZL 201120233883.2 ( Click to view certificate )


Cascading frame filter :

Stainless steel plate and frame filter cascading is the latest development of a new liquid filters stacked frame , produced by our factory for many years of practical experience filters made of , This machine is widely used in chemical , pharmaceutical, oil and environmental protection industry , various types of minor impurities in the liquid filtration, clarification , purification and handling of the latest equipment .

This machine adopts 316L and 304 stainless steel material, polished inside and outside the machine up to 400 mesh , in line with Gmp standards, sophisticated production process , performance, security and stability , corrosion resistance , durable , novel structure , easy operation, energy saving and flexible and adaptable multipurpose filtration equipment. ( The machine can filter the beginning , semi- fine filter , fine filter )

The machine is made ??up of layers overlap filtering device filter plate and the flange ring composed stencil holes punched by the computer , close the small hole uniform, which ensures that each filter plate filter pressure evenly, so that excellent filtration the machine chassis cavity to form a closed shell and inner cavity , pressurized liquid into the barrel through the liquid outer hair blue circle above a plurality of holes into the body cavity through the filter mesh panels, and more from the middle of a small flange holes out and pass the liquid outlet .

The machine can be used polypropylene filter membrane, reinforced membrane, filter paper , filter cloth , filter , etc. The machines can be qualified according to the user selected filter .

The machine can be used polypropylene filter membrane, reinforced membrane, filter paper , filter cloth , filter , etc. The machines can be qualified according to the user selected filter .

The cascading frame filter characteristics: traffic flow, speed, save more carbon , filter area, high efficiency. ( The machine YT-500 YT-800 by a 3-6 root removable retainer ( quick-type ), YT-300 YT-400 with central screw nut used in conjunction with arched gland


Cascading precision filter frame filter comparison :

1, the machine can withstand the maximum pressure 0.5,0.6 Mpa, the liquid does not leak , because this machine use mechanical clamping flange and fully enclosed to prevent leakage phenomenon.

2, the machine maximum flow rate of 200T / h, the minimum up to 4T / h, due to the machine by the importing DN40 or DN50, DN80, DN100, DN120 to enter , from two to three exit points into the filter , with each method Lan middle seven , eight holes into the inner cavity filter , and then out of the middle of the small flange porous , the liquid outlet DN40 or DN50, DN80, DN100, DN120, in order to fully ensure that the inlet fluid also ensures that the liquid , we can ensure high flow . Shorten the filtration cycle .

3 , the unit filter area, maximum 20 square , large area, small size, small footprint , the dual-network board is filtered and the filter surface to ensure that large and small size. Cascading frame filter only twenty layers.

4, the one-time deposit of up to 3 kg -300 kg of activated carbon , which solve the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, powder activated carbon storage equipment, flat stacked frame filter carbon deposit , you can ensure that the full deposit box , from which the problem -solving process activated carbon , the filter there is a unique recoil device with heating device and insulation systems ( mainly occur in the filter blocking filter membrane filter membrane replacement ) , the extension of working hours and increased consumable costs recoil device designed for heating systems and insulation , the machine is also designed with a recoil device and heat insulation with special microporous membrane ) , mainly on the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, in the filter appears low temperature of the liquid crystal and Some liquid viscosity at low temperatures appear difficult filtration problem solving , is more advanced on the market a new type of filtration equipment.

5 , The machine consists of insulation filters and filter are not two kinds of insulation , thermal insulation stacked frame filter , for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical filtration low temperature of the liquid crystal of the problem, the machine has steam heating or electric heating tube two species, ( jacket ) , the three can also be laminated .


Cascading frame filter technical parameters:

Note: Requires large filtration area of the filter can be customized

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