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Pneumatic through filter

PatentNumber:ZL201120316916.X(Clicktoviewcertificate)  Pneumaticstraightrowmicroporousfilter(machine)Features:1moresolidcontentandthedryresidueofprecisionliquidfiltration;
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Patent Number : ZL 201120316916.X ( Click to view certificate )
Pneumatic straight row microporous filter ( machine ) Features :
1 more solid content and the dry residue of precision liquid filtration ;
2.0.3μm above particle filter once lived ;
3 quick regeneration gas blowback filter tube while the slag ;
4 Chemical superior performance rigid microporous PE, PA long-life filter tube can be used , greatly reducing operating costs ;
5 closely filtration , safety production , odorless spill , the production environment improved and small footprint ;
6 specially designed ring to achieve a large-caliber pneumatic slagging off bottom Fast start ;
7 easy to form an automatic control operation ;
8 clean , easy maintenance, fast ;
9 according to the technical requirements can be in the body peripheral insulation jacket , the body wall lining anti-corrosion material layer .
Product Features:
1 for liquid - solid separation filter media .
Pneumatic straight row microporous filter ( machine ) has become the production of glucose syrup used in the separation and activated carbon filter ; tetracycline production crystal filter ; photographic film production of barium sulfate filter ; sewage treatment containing chromium or chromium hydroxide barium chromate filter ; zinc wastewater treatment zinc hydroxide filtered wastewater containing lead lead powder filtration, chemical fiber production in the acid bath and sulfur filter ; lithopone production of barium sulfate and barium sulfide filtration , etc. in short, where the solid particles 0.3 microns , can be filtered.
(2) for liquid clarification and filtration media
PAE precision filter has been used successfully in the production of pharmaceutical industry injection injection bottle water filtration ; hydrogen peroxide production on water purification filters , electroplating industry, electroplating liquid purification filter ; antibiotic production ferment filtrate complex filter ; production of glucose syrup purification filter ; electrodialysis water purification process ; acrylic production of liquid filtration and so on. In short , can be used in various liquid purification and filtration , the transition of high precision , and the filtrate is clear .
3 for gas separation of dust , water droplets and oil droplets in the filter media
Pneumatic vertical microporous filter ( machine) has been successfully used in the production of ammonia separation of melamine dust , water droplets and oil droplets filtration ; pharmaceutical industry the production of injection of compressed air purification filter ; watch the production of air separation dust filter ; in short , various gases can be used for separation of solids , oil and other foreign matter and water droplets purification filter .
4 . Liquid - liquid separation filter media
Pneumatic straight row microporous filter ( machine ) can be used to filter waste water droplets and other foreign matter , oil content in waste water after filtration is only about 2ppm , much less than the national target.
5 . Chemical industry production of liquid products, liquid raw materials, intermediate precision liquid filter
Silicon such as sulfuric acid , hydrogen peroxide , alcohol, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid , methanol , ethanol, acetone, aluminum sulfate , aluminum sulfate, iron- , chloroform, diclofenac ammonia, hydrogen chloride , polymeric alumina, crystalline salt , sulfuric acid bath , thiocyanate sodium filtration. Powdered activated carbon , boiler water, filtered coal mine waste is recyclable , plate and frame filter , centrifuges and other sophisticated filtering .
Heavy metal waste , such as electroplating wastewater, waste circuit boards , tribasic lead sulfate , copper, iron oxide red , iron oxide yellow , zinc , copper paper production of zinc chloride , cadmium , copper, chromium , nickel , lead ions from wastewater , chemical method , the PE microporous tube filter up to emission standards.
Wastewater, sprinkle fine , white paper , dyes , leather and other wastewater treatment ; such as nitrobenzene sodium , vanadium pentoxide , carbon black, lead acetate , aluminum sulfate , manganese sulfate, filtered , and the catalyst , sodium polystyrene ethylene and other chemical products recycled. Fluorine , sulfur , acid , oil phosphorus wastewater treatment . Production process and the "three wastes " treatment in the solid-liquid separation , liquid clarification , aeration , bubbling , pumping oxygen and other technology. At home and abroad as well as home use , the collective use of the crude liquid purification apparatus , fine filter , get a good social benefits

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