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Titanium bar filter

The stainless steel titanium bar liquid filter uses the metal titanium powder sintering filter core, generally uses in the coarse filtration or the intermediate filtration.
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Titanium bar filter
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   The titanium bar filter series is a new generation product developed by our company. The shell is made of high quality SUS304 or SUS316L, pure polypropylene and other materials.

The internal structure is composed of single or multiple titanium filter elements, which are resistant to high temperature, high pressure, strong acid, strong alkali corrosion, non-toxic, no pellet off, long life and high product performance.
It can be used repeatedly. Titanium filter element is made of titanium powder by powder metallurgy and sintered at high temperature.
It is widely used in the solid-liquid separation of food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. It is especially suitable for the decarbonization and filtration in the transfusion injection production line in the pharmaceutical industry.
The accuracy of filtration is 0.22um~100um. Titanium bar filter is characterized by small size, light weight, easy to use, large filtering area, low clogging rate, fast filtering speed.
No pollution, heat stability and good chemical stability, so it is widely used in fine filtration and sterilization process.



ØProduct introduction


Titanium rod filter core
The titanium bar filter element is made of high purity titanium and sintered at high temperature with special technology. Its structure is uniform and there are a large number of openings.
With high porosity, uniform pore size, small filtration resistance, good permeability and other characteristics, its excellent resistance to high and low temperature, corrosion resistance.
It can be widely applied to solid, liquid and gas separation and purification of various mediums.


. The performance of titanium rod filter element:
1. Uniform structure, narrow pore size distribution and high separation efficiency.
2, high porosity, low filtration resistance and high penetration efficiency.
3, high temperature resistance, generally can be used below 280 degrees Celsius.
4, chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion, oxidation resistance.
5, no particles fall off, do not cause the original liquid to form two pollution, meet the requirements of food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP.
6, good mechanical properties, pressure filtration can be filtered, simple operation.
7, low pressure difference, small footprint, large flow.
8, strong microbial resistance, and do not interact with microorganisms.
9, the molding process is good, the whole welding length can reach 1000 millimeters.
10, online regeneration, easy cleaning, long service life (usually several times of membrane filter core).
二. Main parameters of titanium rod filter element
Filtration accuracy: 0.22-100 micron porosity: 28-50% compressive strength: 0.5-1.5 MPa temperature resistance: 280 C (wet) maximum working pressure difference: 0.6 MPa
三, specification type
Diameter: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm
Length: 5 inches (125mm), 10 inches (250mm), 12 inches (300mm), 20 inches (500mm)
30 inches (750mm), 40 inches (1000mm)
Interface form: M20 interface, M30 interface, 222 interface, 226 interface, double flat port.
Filtering accuracy: 0.45 m, 1 m, 3 m, 5 m, 10 m, 20 m, 30 m, 50 m, 80 m, 100 m


四. Application area of titanium rod filter element
Titanium rod filter element with its unique properties can be widely used in pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry, food industry, bioengineering, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, etc.
Metallurgical industry and gas purification field. It is a new material with broad prospects for development. Its typical uses include:
1. Carbon removal and filtration in the concentration and concentration of large infusion, small injection, eye drops and oral liquid in pharmaceutical industry and security filtration before terminal filtration in the dilution link.
2. In addition, impurities removal, decharcoal filtration and fine filtration in the process of API production.
3. Security filtration of ultrafiltration, RO and EDI systems in water treatment industry, filtration after ozone sterilization and ozone aeration.
4. Clarification and filtration of beverages, liquor, beer, vegetable oil, mineral water, soy sauce and vinegar in food and beverage.
5. Decarbonization, filtration and precision filtration of liquid products, liquid raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates in the chemical industry, and filtration and recovery of ultra-fine particles and catalysts.
After resin adsorption, precision filtration and system heat transfer oil, material removal and filtration, catalytic gas purification and so on.
6. Oilfield reflow filtration, security filtration before reverse osmosis in seawater desalination area.
7, dye industry high temperature decarbonization, bleaching clay filtration.
8, gas purification of steam, compressed air, catalyst filtration.

ØTechnical performance characteristics

1. Corrosion resistance
Titanium metal is a kind of inert metal with excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium rod filter element with titanium metal as raw material can be used in strong alkali.
Filtration in strong acid medium. It can be widely used in chemical industry and in the filtration process of organic enzyme production in pharmaceutical industry.
Due to the use of organic solvents such as acetone, ethanol, butanone and so on, if the use of high molecular filter elements such as PE, PP filter elements to filter.
It is easy to be dissolved by these organic solvents. Titanium rods are stable in organic solvents and are widely used.
Corrosion resistance of titanium filter equipment (as shown below)
Class A: completely corrosion resistant, corrosion rate below 0.127mm/ years.
Class B: corrosion resistance, corrosion rate below 0.127mm~1.27mm/ years for use.
Class C: corrosion resistance, corrosion rate over 1.27mm/ years, not for use.


2, high temperature resistance
The titanium filter element can withstand high temperature up to 300 degrees, which is incomparable to other filter elements. This characteristic is widely used in high temperature working environment.
But the high molecular material filter core, its temperature tolerance degree is bad, generally does not exceed 50 degrees centigrade, surpasses 50 degrees centigrade its support and the filter membrane to appear the change,
There is a big deviation in filtration accuracy, even if the Teflon filter is above 120 C, the external pressure of 0.2 MPa in the working environment will be long-term work out.
Deformation, aging and so on. The titanium bar filter core can be used in the environment for a long time, and its micropores and shapes do not change.
Widely used: filtration of high temperature liquids by steam filtration (steam filtration in fermentation process).
3. Super mechanical properties (high strength)
Titanium rod filter element has super mechanical properties. The external pressure is 20kg and the internal pressure is 10kg (no joint test). So the titanium rod can be used in high pressure.
In the rapid filtration process. When the external pressure of other polymer filters exceeds 0.5 MPa, the micropore size will change and even be broken down.
Application: Gas bubbling of deep underwater air distribution coagulant for compressed air filtration in pharmaceutical industry of chemical fiber manufacturing industry.
Good mechanical properties (as shown below), solid and light weight (4.51 g / cubic centimeter).
4. Good regeneration effect.
Titanium rod filter element has good regeneration effect, which depends on its excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high strength performance.
There are two ways of regeneration: physical regeneration and chemical regeneration.
Physical regeneration methods:
(1) pure water recoil.
(2) steam blowback
(3) ultrasonic cleaning.
Chemical treatment methods:
(1) Alkali washing (2) Among the above treatment methods, chemical treatment and ultrasonic cleaning are the best.
Its filtration attenuation degree is low.
The service life of the titanium rod can be up to 10 years.
It has been widely applied in filtering liquid with viscosity.

            Filter performance table for titanium rod filter (10 ")


uPharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, decarburization and filtration in the concentration and distribution of large infusion, small injection, eye drops and oral liquid, and security filtration before terminal filtration in the dilution and distribution links.
In addition, impurities removal, decharcoal filtration and fine filtration are used in the production of API.

uChemical industry

In the chemical industry, decarbonization and filtration of liquid products, liquid raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates, as well as precise filtration, and the filtration and recovery of ultra-fine fine particles and catalysts.
After the resin is absorbed, the precise filtration and the system heat transfer oil, the impurity removal and filtration of materials, and the catalytic gas purification and so on.

uWater treatment industry

Ultrafiltration, RO, EDI system security filtration in water treatment industry, filtration after ozone sterilization and ozone aeration.
Oil field reflow filtration, seawater desalination area before reverse osmosis security filtration.

usewage disposal

The energy consumption of microporous pure titanium aeration head is 40% lower than that of conventional aerator, and the amount of sewage treatment is nearly doubled.
The utility model has a long service life of 10 years, and is especially suitable for urban sewage treatment, new expansion of large-scale water plants and renovation of old aeration tanks.

ufood industry

Clarification and filtration of beverages, spirits, beer, vegetable oil, mineral water, soy sauce and vinegar in food and beverages.

uOther industries

Dye industry high temperature decarbonization and bleaching clay filtration. Gas purification, steam, compressed air, catalytic gas purification and filtration.


ØApplication example










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