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Bottom large open-through filter

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Bottom large open-through filter


 The machine (a normal and insulation type) at the bottom of a large opening straight-filter is the latest development of a new type of liquid filtration machine, the machine kept activated carbon and particulate large, easy to operate, bottom opening for discharging slag,

Belongs fine filter removal, insulation, high flow, high filtration precision, low cost filter media (media using PA / PE bar, stainless steel filter rod, alloy titanium rod, polypropylene membrane, filter cloth, cotton cloth, stainless steel wire mesh, nylon screen), use a long time, representing the ground is small, portable operation.

           This machine with manual quick release unified open dumping slag way, at least keep the machine activated 5KG-300KG, minimum flow rate 10 tons per hour, according to the material properties of the constant flow without affecting the filtering accuracy,

The machine adopts special seal to prevent leakage, unique circulatory system, equipment Material SUS304, SUS316L, Q235B materials processing.

Note: This machine is suitable for the material permeability good materials easier.

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