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Polyether sulfone (PES) membrane

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Polyether sulfone (PES) membrane

Polyethersulfone membrane

Polyethersulfone membrane (PES) having excellent hydrophilicity and flux, good chemical stability and inertia, alkaline PH stable, high drug compatibility.
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Polyethersulfone membrane

Polyethersulfone membrane (PES) having excellent hydrophilicity and flux , good chemical stability and inertia , alkaline PH stable , high drug compatibility . Has good temperature stability , entire membrane can ensure the integrity of the sterilization at a high temperature . And in this process to maintain good anti- shrinkage properties to avoid tearing the membrane filter in place , reducing the flow rate and reduction of the amount of filtering .



conventional ion chromatography solution was filtered and low protein adsorption filtration filter liquid filter · · biological and pharmaceutical industry serum filtration , infusion of antibiotics and other terminal filter · food industry beverages, wine and other terminal end filtration of ultrapure water filtration · · right tissue culture medium , additives , buffers, and other aqueous solutions for rapid sterilization filter



1, PESM not be used for ketones , esters, oils and other polar solvents filtration

2, can be used halogenated hydrocarbons , high concentrations of acid filtration


Specifications :

Φ10, Φ13, Φ25, Φ32, Φ35, Φ40, Φ47, Φ50, Φ60, Φ70, Φ90, Φ100, Φ150, Φ200, Φ300

Filtration : 0.1UM, 0.2UM, 0.45UM

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