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Nylon / PN-N6 filter membrane

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Nylon / PN-N6 filter membrane

Nylon reinforced microporous membrane (nylon 6 and nylon 66 film two kinds)
YT- 43

Nylon reinforced microporous membrane ( nylon 6 and nylon 66 film two kinds )


Product Features:

1 , the support having an inlet non-woven , flexible , tear resistance, excellent durability

2 , high filtration precision , an effective quality assurance filter

3 , natural hydrophilicity, when used without a wetting agent , to ensure no contamination filtrate

4, suitable organic solvents in the aqueous solution , and most of the filter , especially the alkaline alcohol solution is filtered and the

5 , wherein the nylon 66 membranes have higher mechanical strength , higher temperature resistance , better resistance to low temperature .



1, the liquid clarification and sterilization and particulate filter

2, various solvents and liquid filtration

3, the electronic industry, the photoresist filtration

4, ink terminal filter

Disinfection methods : non-sterile packaging, autoclavable 121 ° C



A pore size ( unit : μm): 0.15,0.22,0.3,0.45,065,0.8,1.2,3.0,5.0,8.0

2 , Dimensions ( Unit: mm)

Wafer : Φ13, Φ25, Φ35, Φ47, Φ50, Φ60, Φ77, Φ90, Φ100, Φ150, Φ200, Φ300

Square: Can be customized , maximum size 400 × 300

Roll film : Length can be optional, there are 280,320,420 mm wide

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