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Stainless steel folding filter

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Stainless steel folding filter


Stainless steel sintered filter is a multi-layer sintered metal mesh, stainless steel mesh through a special multi-layer laminated pressed , vacuum sintered steel with high strength and overall of a new type of filter material, the layers of wire mesh intertwined to form a homogeneous and ideal filter structure .


Features :

1 ) High strength : five sintered wire mesh , a high mechanical strength and compressive strength ;

2 ) High precision: for 2-200um filter size may play a uniform surface filtration performance ;

3 ) Heat resistance: from -200 degrees can be durable up to 650 degrees of continuous filtration ;

4) cleaning resistance: Due to excellent surface cleaning effect countercurrent filtering structure , easy cleaning .

5 ) has good permeability , high strength without increasing the support structure , absolutely no material off phenomenon , corrosion resistance , easy to clean , easy to damage , filtering accuracy 1μm ~ 300μm, standard material : SUS316L.


Main purpose:

1 ) for high-temperature environments for distributed cooling material ;

2 ) for gas distribution , liquid fluidized bed plate material ;

3 ) for high precision , high reliability and high temperature filter material ;

4 ) for high-pressure oil filter backwash

5 ) for polyesters , oil, as long as food and beverage, chemical fiber products, filter , also used in water treatment and gas filtration.

Dimensions can be produced according to customer requirements

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