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Polyethersulfonefilter Productdescription:Polyethersulfonefilter,thefiltermediumistheworld'sadvancedpolyethersulfonemicroporousmembrane,polyethersulfonemembranefilterporevolumerepresenting80%ofthepore

Polyethersulfone filter


Product description:

Polyethersulfone filter, the filter medium is the world's advanced polyethersulfone microporous membrane , polyethersulfone membrane filter pore volume representing 80% of the pore opening ratio , has a unique geometry, improved filtering solution for difficult filtration efficiency and liquidity. Using polyether sulfone, and a combination of two materials melt polypropylene support structure, no adhesive material , the more stringent requirements for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Main features: unique hydrophilic properties, surface active agents and the surface free of lubricants, the solution was filtered to provide a high level of precision and liquid filtration , for a wide range of PH , the protein and the adsorption amount of valuable low biological agents , retention rate, has excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability, strength and good resistance to pressure surges forward and reverse , all products are 100% integrity tested.


Product specifications and technical parameters:

Filter Media: Hydrophilic polyethersulfone microporous membrane

Upstream and downstream support Material: Polypropylene

Support the Canadian and structural components: Polypropylene

Filtration : 0.1,0.2,0.45,0.65,1.0 (μm)

Filter Length: 5 ", 10 ", 20 ", 30 ", 40 "

Sealing material: silicone rubber, NBR , EPDM , Viton

Closed mode: fusion welding

Effective filtration area : ≥ 0.6 m / 10 "

Filter diameter : 69.0mm

Maximum operating temperature : 85 ° C, 0.5Mpa

Highest tolerable temperature : 140 ° C, 0.28Mpa

The maximum positive pressure : 0.42Mpa (25 ° C)

Maximum back pressure : 0.21Mpa (25 ° C)

Sterilization conditions : 121 ° C

Other: special specifications can be customized diameter and various jacks


Typical applications:

1 , the pharmaceutical industry: injection, water for injection , eye drops , non- high-temperature sterilization products , biological products, vaccines, serums and other terminal sterilization filter

2 , the food industry : wine, mineral water , drinking water , beverages and other filters

3 , the electronics industry : high water, ultra- pure water equipment, chemical raw materials and other terminal filter


Integrity test ( minimum bubble point ) (25 ℃; water )

0.10 um> = 0.40 MPa

0.20 um> = 0.30 MPa

0.45 um> = 0.20 MPa


Water flow - pressure curve

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