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As new industries continue to evolve, the technical level of filtration equipment continues to increase. Filters are widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mineral processing, coal and water treatment sectors. It plays a pivotal role in today's industrial production, and the history of filters is also very long.
In today's polluted environment, filters have a broad prospects market. The domestic economy is increasingly developed, and China's filters have also been greatly developed, and the application of water resources treatment has gradually become broad and mature.
Filtration equipment into important equipment in the field of pharmaceutical water machinery
The large-scale and energy-saving equipment is the future trend of the machinery manufacturing industry and the focus of market competition, especially for filtration equipment. Many filter equipments with high solid-liquid power are due to the technical bottleneck of some components. The biggest lack of useful filtration is that the product is too small or only in laboratory time, which severely restricts the equipment's large-scale, industrialization and industrialization. It only needs to break the capacity of the equipment to fully reflect the filtering technology content and economic and social benefits. For filtration equipment, the filtration effect is undoubtedly the most important performance indicator and the core competitiveness of the equipment.
    On the basis of large-scale filtration equipment, we must think about how to obtain the most dry filter cake with minimum energy consumption, and also think about the energy saving and consumption reduction of subsequent process equipment. Like ceramic medium, the characteristics of energy saving and consumption reduction are fully reflected. Large-scale opening. The automation of filtration equipment is not only the demand for equipment wood, but also the process equipment and labor productivity.
As new industries continue to evolve, the technical level of filtration equipment continues to increase. The foreign filtering equipment has a high degree of automation, and some special filtering equipments have appeared. At the same time, the strengthening and auxiliary measures of the filtering process are emphasized, which greatly improves the filtering effect of the filtering equipment. On the other hand, the domestic filtration equipment industry, although the industry is developing rapidly, has basically formed a market system, but the satisfaction rate of domestic equipment to the market is not high, and the equipment efficiency and foreign advanced level are quite different.
    The quality of pharmaceutical water affects the quality of the drug to a large extent. Therefore, filtration equipment has become one of the important categories in the field of pharmaceutical water machinery. The filtering equipment is an important equipment for pretreatment of water quality, which can effectively remove impurities such as suspended solids, colloids, sediment, clay, humus and particulate matter in water, reduce the turbidity of water, and achieve the purpose of water quality clarification. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical field.
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