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Pump head curve shape of limited value and scope of application

Pump head curve shape of limited value and scope of application

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Pump power generated at a certain speed lift has a limited value , lift with the flow and change ; stable, continuous delivery , flow and pressure pulsation ; generally no self-absorption capacity , the need to be filled with a liquid pump or pipeline pumping into the vacuum before starting work ; apply wide range of performance ; suitable for conveying small cleaning fluid viscosity , specially designed pump can deliver mud, sewage and other solids or water transportation . Powered pump is mainly used for water supply, drainage , irrigation, liquid transfer process , power accumulator , hydraulic and marine jet propulsion .

Jet pump is to rely on high-speed jet of working fluid , the need to transport the fluid sucked into the pump and carried by the momentum exchange between the two fluids mixing to transfer energy ; Water hammer is the use of the pump flow of water is generated when sudden braking energy , a part of the pressure rise to a certain height ; electromagnetic pump is powered liquid metal to the electromagnetic force, the generated transport flow is achieved ; gas lift pump through the catheter to the air or other fluid in the compressed gas at the bottom , so as to form lighter than liquid -liquid mixed fluid , and then the pressure of the liquid through the tube mixed fluid pressure will rise up .

The main performance parameters of the pump

Pump performance parameters are flow and head , in addition to shaft power , speed , and required cavitation margin. Traffic is the unit of time through the pump outlet output volume of liquid , the general volume flow ; lift is the unit weight of transmission fluid from the pump inlet to the outlet of the energy increment for the displacement pump , the energy increase mainly reflected an increase in the pressure on energy Therefore, instead of head pressure increment usually expressed .

Pump efficiency is not an independent performance parameters, which can be another performance parameters such as flow rate, head and shaft power according to a formula obtained . Various performance parameters of the pump there is a certain interdependence between the changes in the relationship , you can test the pump were measured and calculated parameter values ??, and draw a curve that these curves is called the pump characteristic curve . Each pump has a specific characteristic curve provided by the pump manufacturer . Usually given in the factory characteristic curve also indicates recommended performance segment , called the pump operating range.