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Multi-bag filter performance presentations and applications

Multi-bag filter performance presentations and applications

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Multi- bag filter , suitable for high flow filter , can accommodate more impurities , but also for a long time want to use just replace the bag of the occasion. Quick-open design , routine maintenance is very convenient. Multi-bag filter performance are:

1, multi bag filter , suitable for high flow filtration. From 2 to 24 bags bagging .

2, to provide CS carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel , and other materials suitable for handling various chemical liquids , solvents and various neutral liquid ; uses high-level design specifications , to ensure adequate corrosion allowance with the highest reliability. Optional 01 # , 02 # sizes of filter bag or filter, replace the filter bag is very convenient. Heating units are available with sandwich type bag filter, filter for the two-layer structure can be laminated through the steam or oil , in order to maintain or increase the temperature of the fluid , to prevent freezing fluid , viscous liquid filtration rate increase , or to meet the a process temperature requirements . , Pressure 10 kg or less, anti-corrosion coating the inner surface of the filter in order to meet different customer requirements of different occasions . Smooth fluid piping design , pressure loss, more energy-efficient ; excellent seal design, with patented collar overcome the traditional side of the filter drain ills. Quick-open design, maintenance convenient.

Multi- bag filter applications:

Multi- bag filter is often used as electrodialysis , ion exchange , reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration device security filter. Its range of applications is as follows :

Oil field injection water , boiler feed water, chemical reagents, liquid organic products , high purity chemicals, drugs and other thick filter ;

Electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor industry with high water pre-filtration ;

Pharmaceutical injection, infusion , drops , herbs and other liquid filtration , biologics extraction, purification, concentration ;

Drinking pure water , mineral water, fruit juice , tea drinks, health drinks filtration ;

Production and domestic wastewater treatment and water recycling and reuse in the process of pre- filtering or security filters ;

Others such as bio-engineering , oil refining, dyeing, textile industry, water supply and wastewater treatment, scientific research and experimental filtration.

Liquor, wine, beer, wine and other wine filtration , pure draft beer sterilization filter ( replace pasteurization ) ;