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The special structure of stainless steel filter

The special structure of stainless steel filter

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Stainless steel filter from the shell, multiple filters, backwash institutions , and differential pressure controllers and other components. Transverse partition within the housing cavity to be divided into upper and lower two chambers , the upper chamber is equipped with a plurality of filter, so that full use of the space filter , the filter significantly reduced the volume of the chamber equipped with a reverse rinse sucker . Work, turbid liquid inlet into the filter through the inferior vena , but also by the bulkhead hole into the filter cavity . The gap is larger than the filter element impurities are retained, net fluid through the gap to reach the upper chamber , and finally sent out from the outlet .

The filter core made of high strength wedge filter, through pressure control , timing control self-cleaning filter. When the filter surface impurities accumulate in the filter pressure drop caused by increases to the set value , or the timer reaches the preset time, the electric control box signaled drive backwash agency. When the filter backwash suction Handicap and imports are right , the drain valve opens , the system pressure relief drainage, suction cup with filter inside the filter appears a relative pressure lower than the pressure outside the negative pressure zone , forcing part of the net circulating water from the filter outside flow filter inside , adsorbed on the inner wall of the filter inside the impurity particles flowing into Rang pan from sewage discharge valve .

Filtration equipment uses patented technology internal mechanical structure to achieve a true sense of the high-pressure backwash function can be easily and thoroughly clean the filter retention of impurities , cleaning no dead ends, no flux attenuation to protect the filtration efficiency and long life , using 304,316 L stainless steel wedge filter, high strength, high accuracy , corrosion resistance, maximum filtration up to 25 microns , and strain through its own search function , automatic backwash , can cope with erratic fluctuations in water quality , without manual intervention , loss of small, no supplies, operation and maintenance costs low.