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Select Filters considerations and common problem handling

Select Filters considerations and common problem handling

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For multi- bag filter some of the performance in terms of maybe not much superior place, but can be used for a variety of bag is even more important to be able to be manifested its superiority with multiple filters , so that the work can be filtered more perfect for . Through the old product to make changes after the multi- bag filter will be more convenient to manipulate users . Multi- bag filter in various aquaculture industry has been widely used in the coal industry over the current extensive use of bag large flow " straight-through " bag filter . Automatic filter , filters, full integrated water processor , electronic descaling backwash filters with high precision: automatic bag filter backwash filter cartridge has two or more groups , large flow area , original pressure loss is small , can achieve high flow , high-precision filter , conventional filters is difficult to achieve .

After selecting the multi- bag filter users know more than the daily bag filter during operation may be some problems , now about ways to deal with :

1, more gradual filter bag filter bag filter installed in series can be achieved step by step filtering. If installed in a filter machine for high precision filtration front filter can significantly reduce costs . The same can also put sand filtration and other filtration combined with bag filter , thus further enhancing filtration quality and reduce the cost of the bag consumption . The self-cleaning machines, centrifugal and bag filter combination , we may be used alone , with other principles may be used in series with the filter , to achieve the desired results.

2, multi bag filter when to replace the bag ? Practical applications in two ways to determine when to replace the filter bag : complete accordance with the experience to roughly determine the replacement time . In the bag filter inlet and outlet pipes are installed on the pressure gauge, front and rear differential pressure gauge shows the time to decide to replace the bag , the bag can withstand normal pressure is about 0.5 ~ 1kg/cm2 , when the pressure reaches this range , it should be replaced to avoid the bag bag rupture , affecting the filtering effect , do not lose the greater.

3, if the impurity content , the more the more frequent replacement of the filter bag , longer standby time unfavorable production . Therefore, the system design should increase the amount of filtration area .

4 , if the trapping medium is hard to select filter surface , such as metal mesh , nylon mesh , etc., if it is soft or colloidal particles , should be selected depth filter .

5 , pay attention to the working conditions of the filter media , such as chemical compatibility, flow rate and temperature to determine the filter type : single bag or multiple bags, filter material is in what grades of stainless steel ( such as 304,316 L , etc. ) as well as sealing materials .

Everyone should know more bag filter will appear in the daily operation of any problems , and will therefore pay attention to what matters to avoid these problems, do a good job of prevention measures , so as to better put to work.