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Cascading filters complete filtration process and the features introduced

Cascading filters complete filtration process and the features introduced

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Cascading filters complete filtration process and the features introduced

Cascading filters there is a unique recoil device with heating device and insulation systems to work longer hours and are designed to increase the cost of consumables recoil device and insulation heating system, the machine is also designed with a recoil device and insulation tape heating special microporous membrane , mainly on the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, in the filter appears low temperature of the liquid crystal and the emergence of certain liquid viscosity at low temperatures and difficult filtration problem-solving , is an advanced product on the market new filtration equipment.

Stacked filter is a porous filter medium use , liquid and solid particles trapped in the mixture of solid particles , and to achieve solid , liquid separation device. Cascading filters are widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, food , mineral processing, coal and water treatment sectors.

The surface of the filter medium during filtration residue accumulated thickening layer , the resistance of the liquid through the residue layer along with it , the filtration rate decreases. When the filter chamber is filled with residue or the filtration rate is too small , stop filtering , clear residue , the filter regeneration medium to complete a filtration cycle . Residue fluid through the filter medium layer and the resistance to be overcome , so both sides of the filter media must have a pressure difference , which is the driving force for filtration . Increasing the pressure difference can accelerate filtering, but after compression deformation of the particles in a large pressure difference is easy to clog the filter medium pores, filter actually slows . <, P>

Cascading filters initial filter , bleaching, removal, depth filtration , semi-fine filter , fine filter , is one of the new filter, the machine uses carbon steel and stainless steel, wood machine polished inside and outside of 400 mesh , in line with Gmp standards, production process quality , performance, security and stability , corrosion resistance , durable , easy to operate , flexible energy saving, strong adaptability multipurpose filtration equipment. The machine is made up of layers overlap filter plate and frame filter composed of former pressurized liquid into the barrel through the body from the outside hole into the box and then the net amount of filter medium plate , a plurality of apertures center of the plate from the net out , qualified liquid outlet . Optional polypropylene filter membrane, reinforced membrane, filter paper , filter cloth , stainless steel mesh , nylon mesh , the machine -specific filters , etc. , according to the user selection of qualified supplies.

Cascading filter is characterized by large flow, electric ball speed , electric butterfly save more carbon , filter area, representing the ground , high efficiency , and high filtration tight , with temperature implied , back flow device ( suitable for filtering activity when the use of carbon ) , easy operation, quick release uses a unified way .

When filtering quality in the monitoring should also pay attention to when the pressure is stable when the liquid flow into the case , the filter The quality is directly related to the pressure difference between the inside of the bag has a close relationship . If the pressure difference is too big, it shows a filter bag hole has been blocked, so it will lead to filtration rate of decline

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