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Plastic medical products demand has risen what factors

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Currently, the materials used in medical devices generally is a metal or an alloy of these materials, while durable, however , the high cost of these materials , in addition , equipment is relatively heavy , therefore , many of the medical device manufacturers began to use a plastic material instead metal materials, so not only reduces costs , but also highlights the advantages of plastic material .

Plastic medical devices on the market increasingly high demand , which in addition to the above reasons , plastic materials , and other materials have the following advantages compared to .

First, light weight , easy to use and effort, for example , the use of plastic material surgical instruments can reduce fatigue during prolonged procedures doctors , plastic materials are also suitable for human blood and muscle tissue , the effect more pronounced.

Second, high toughness , anti- permeability is very strong , more durable , and some part of the plastic material can also be used at high temperatures , the transparency of the plastic material is relatively high, the process in favor of the medical doctors to better observe , especially during the operation of the observation is more conducive to the doctor .

Three relatively easily molded plastic , ideal for a variety of shapes , such as more complex medical equipment and supplies , as long as the low-cost production technology, using high temperatures and will not corrode disinfectant and color changes of the phenomenon. Further , metal materials , and lower cost, more suitable for disposable consumable , after the material is capable of reducing infection rates after disinfection .

Fourth, such a plastic material and glass materials, the use of more security, especially in packaging materials.

Also the development of equipment design , so the material is plastic medical products more convenient to use , for example , plastic wheelchairs, hospital beds and other plastic , very easy to use , but also to save space, is also very easy to carry . A new generation of plastic materials for medical devices more features , more strength, can replace the rubber and other materials , and can reduce the chance of skin allergies , but also has a waterproof function , for example, a new generation of plated plastic materials have this characteristic, to anti-acid .

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