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American Healthcare Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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It is reported that the United States has the providence health & services and China 's Beijing CMG Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Beijing signed the " China Development Bank to support medical equipment procurement strategic cooperation agreement " , Beijing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , chairman of CMG and the United States providence health Zou Xiaofeng & services vice president randy axelrod represent two companies signed the agreement , the two countries marked the establishment of the first international logistics and distribution platform medical devices , with the majority of the medical institutions is undoubtedly good news.

It is understood that Beijing CMG medicine has been established over twenty years, the company is the China's leading pharmaceutical companies . The investment management firms in the financial , medical equipment sales , and other fields of social care services have established a market system. Beginning in 2007, the company participated in the National Development Bank to support the construction of new rural health project Yixie purchase loans , and thus built up a nationwide Yixie procurement platform, and played a huge Yixie procurement advantages. The company also and internationally renowned medical device manufacturing giant to establish a long-term relationship , such as Philips, Siemens , Toshiba and other Yixie ge production company, which total more than 600 Yixie and manufacturers to establish a stable cooperative relations . Another Beijing CMG company and more than twenty provinces and the famous hospitals to establish cooperation projects and foreign well-known companies Yixie manufacturers to establish collaborative relationships is the first model in the country , over the years the company's medical device marketing , health care and pension field successes.

While the U.S. providence health & services is a historic healthcare group company, which many states in the United States are operating a hospital , a total of 32 hospitals, 22 rehabilitation centers , the company also provide customers with long-term health care facilities and healthcare services. The company in the supply chain management is second to none in the world , the company and the hundreds of medical device manufacturers to establish a partnership to help U.S. hospitals purchase price advantage to a very high-quality medical products , the company the bargaining power is also world-class .

The Beijing CMG medicine providence health & services and the United States signed a cooperation agreement can be described as strong combination , which will greatly promote China's reform of the circulation of medical devices and medical devices in circulation reduces the cost for the country's medical industry contribute to the development .

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