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Pharmaceutical production

1. Filtration of injection liquid medicines and precision filtration of injection solution bottle-washing water in injection solution production of pharmaceutical industry;

2. Decoloration and decarburization filtration of destaining solutions and powdered activated carbon;

3. Particle filtration of catalysts (palladium carbon, copper, manganese, iron, nickel, etc.);

4. Precision filtration of extracts of Chinese herbal medicine;

5. Millipore filtration of nourishing medicinal liquor;

6. Filtration of fermentation liquor;

7. Precision filtration of Eleutherococcus senticosus, Shuanghuanglian and other oral solutions.


Food production

1. Superfine precision filtration of high maltose syrup and glucose liquid by activated carbon;

2. Decarburization and decolorization filtration of monosodium glutamate;

3. Precision filtration of yeast and soybean protein;

4. Refined filtration of fruit juice, orange juice, apple juice, strawberry juice, tomato juice, hawthorn juice, carrot juice, aloe juice, cactus juice,etc.;

5. Filtration of soybean sauce and vinegar;

6. Refined filtration of mineral water, white spirit, beer, yellow rice wine, wine, cooking wine, beverages, etc.


Wastewater treatment

1. Heavy metal wastewater (electroplating wastewater, industrial wastewater of circuit boards and hot galvanizing wastewater), storage battery wastewater, magnetic material wastewater, etc.;

2. Filtration of fluoride-containing wastewater;

3. Filtration of coal mine wastewater;

4. Filtration of coal piling wastewater in coal yards;

5. Filtration of suspended matter-containing wastewater in chemical production;

6. Filtration of grinding liquid for electronics and optical lens;

7. Precision filtration of pigment latex wastewater.


Gas filtration

1. Filtration of impurity oil in the air of various air compressors;

2. Preparation of sterile air in beer, pharmaceutical and wine-making industries;

3. Filtration of high-pressure air in aviation and transportation industries;

4. Combination and purification of gases in chemical fiber industry;

5. Dry dedusting of acidic gases in pharmaceutical industry;

6. Filtration of dry gases and catalytic gases in petrochemical industry;

7. Dedusting of low-temperature gases and flue gas in environmental protection industry.


Industrial oils

Filtration of gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, lubricating oil and transformer oil


Fine chemistry

1. Filtration of silicon sulfate, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol;

2. Filtration of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, methanol, ethanol and acetone;

3. Filtration of aluminum sulfate, chloroform, two-phase chloramines and chlorine;

4. Desalination filtration of crystal salt, secondary saline water and alkali liquor;

5. Filtration of barium sulfate and barium sulfide in the production of lithopone;

6. Filtration of chromic hydroxide and barium chromate;

7. Filtration of acid bath and sulfur in the production of chemical fibers;

8. Filtration of oxalic acid, amino acid, lactic acid and citric acid;

9. Filtration of barium sulfate in the production of photographic films;

10. Decarburization filtration of liquids by powdered activated carbon;

11. Precision filtration of inorganic salt solutions and powder;

12. Filtration and washing of tantalum hydroxide, niobium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, ferric hydroxide, etc.;

13. Filtration of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and sodium carbonate (sodium thiosulfate) liquids;

14. Filtration of acrylamide prepared by an enzymatic method and calcium chloride solution;

15. Filtration of dioxygen amine liquid, palladium carbon and other superfine catalysts;

16. Filtration and recovery of nickel hydroxide and copper hydroxide;

17. Precision clarifying filtration of cerous nitrate solution.


Grease production
Filtration of peanut oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, salad oil, mustard oil, plant oil, tea oil, filter pressed oil and sesame oil.


Water treatment

Clarifying filtration of industrial water, domestic water and tap water